The Secret of Japanese Women That Allows Them to Remain Slim and Age Slowly

Japan from a holistic view is a very beautiful country. The vibrant culture, the food, and seaside just help to add to that beauty.

If you have been lucky enough to travel to Japan or meet a few Japanese people, you may have wondered how the native women of that country look so young slim. It’s simple… the answer lies in their foods and their overall way of life.

As a matter of fact, Japan has the highest number of people in the world living past 100 years old. The food they eat is not consumed simply for taste. They strongly believe that whatever they eat should be very healthy, and this has served them well for many years.

On that note, we have come up with some reasons as to how Japanese women maintain their slim figures and youthfulness.

  • Drinking lots of green tea

The green tea that they drink is made from leaves of the highest quality, which are dried and crushed into a fine powder. Green tea is quite delicious and it’s actually one of the world’s healthiest teas. It is loaded with antioxidants that help to delay aging and fight against free radicals. It also reduces the risk of developing cancers and heart disease.

  • Consuming fermented foods

Some of the fermented foods consumed by most Japanese include tempeh, kimchi, kefir, miso, kombucha and sauerkraut. Fermentation is a process by which lactic acid is created from bacteria that feed on the starch and sugar in foods. It helps to preserve the foods’ natural nutrients and it also gives way to the production of other vital probiotics. Fermented foods can also help with weight loss as they are easier to digest.

  • Seafood preferences

Unlike people in the United States for example, Japanese prefer seafood over red meat. This is one reason why they are rarely troubled by health complications such as high cholesterol, inflammatory diseases and high cholesterol. Omega-3 fatty acids found in fish help to reduce fat and prevent various skin diseases.  Many Japanese share the belief that if you consume healthy fish, you will become healthy as well.

  • Eating in small portions

This practice is a strict part of Japanese culture. The smaller your portions, the less you will eat. To make things even easier, they serve food on small plates so the serving sizes look much larger. In the long run, this prevents overeating which will help them lose weight.

  • They don’t eat on the go

Meal times in Japan are seen as important times of the day to refuel the body.  Therefore, you won’t see many people having walking lunches. Even though it is acceptable to eat while walking, it is still deemed impolite so you won’t see many people doing it. When Japanese people sit down to eat, they do absolutely nothing else. They eat slowly and take the time to chew their food properly. Eating in this manner gives their stomach enough time to process the food and immediately signal the brain when it’s full. This helps to eliminate the unhealthy practice of binge eating.

  • They practice healthy cooking

The ingredients that they use is not the only healthy thing about their cuisine.  Their methods of food preparation are also quite healthy, seeing that they use very little oil.  They also practice techniques that are used to preserve the nutrients in food while it is being cooked.

  • Practicing martial arts

Martial arts are a popular feature in Japan that is practiced by both men and women. There are many types of martial arts, but there is one common fact between all of them. That common denominator is that they all help to improve muscle strength, flexibility and overall fitness.

  • They walk a lot

In Japan, walking is seen as a ritual of sorts.  It helps to boost energy levels, improves mood and cardiovascular health. When they aren’t walking, they may resort to other simple forms of transportation such as bicycle riding, which is another good form of exercise.

  • Healthy desserts

Sugary foods such as desserts are not a popular part of Japanese cuisine. Consuming fewer sweets is one of the reasons why Japanese women are able to maintain their slim physique. They would prefer to have fresh fruits after a meal rather than desserts loaded with sugar.

  • Hot spring baths

This is another common practice for Japanese in general. The minerals found in these hot springs along with the temperature of the water help to relieve stress, improve skin and promote sleep. Seeing that it is also a volcanically active country, you can find hot springs practically around every corner.