Science Found New Revolutionary Method to Grow Teeth By Yourself Without Using Dental Implants

Dr. Jeremy Mao from Columbian University raised worldwide attention when he came up with the following study. The study claims that by building steam cells support the new tooth would grow on the place of the old one. This how it works.

How it Works

Initially the regeneration begins when the steam cells and the tooth start merging with the tissue around. The steam cells will allow the tooth the grow on the place of the old tooth.

Many dentists stood against the method. Clearly, they stated the conventional methods of replacing a tooth is much easier and much faster. The process for the tooth to grow itself takes9 weeks until it start working. On the other hand, this is the only natural method founded so far, thus, they cannot deny that it is a revolutionary founding.

Furthermore, it is crucial for the dentist to organize and know what kind of procedures the patient needs. It takes 9 weeks for this method to work.

The research is not officially published, as it is still going through a testing phase.

You may watch the full video below. Let us know your thoughts.