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Even though it has been proven that radiation and chemotherapy treatments can help people suffering from cancer, it fails in comparison to the healing elements that have been found in GSE, which is better known as grape seed extract, seeing that after chemotherapy and radiation, it’s likely for cancer to reappear even stronger than what was recorded in previous diagnoses.

Given that there has been a rise in the number of persons that have to cope with colorectal cancer, scientists have been searching for various means of treating and possibly curing it. According to research conducted by the Colorado Cancer Research Center, GSE has been proven to have the ability to stop the spread of cancer cells and totally eradicate them. This information was also published in the medicinal magazine called Cancer Letters.

The scientists also provided a glimmer of hope by announcing that with this new treatment, chemotherapy will become a thing of the past. Molly Derry, a University of Colorado Cancer Center’s Ph.D. candidate, went on to say that the same compounds found in GSE are known to specifically focus on several types of cancer cells. The research also highlighted that the mutations stemming from colorectal cancer, are susceptible to GSE and it prevents those same mutations from spreading.

The research team has managed to run several experiments on colorectal cancer cells, and they went on to explain that what actually happens is that the GSE targets the manifold cell mutations, which subsequently stops the metastasizing process. In addition, it also targets colorectal cancer cells that are in an advanced stage of development while avoiding all the healthy ones. The experiments showed that the GSE performed at optimum levels on stage five cancer cells. Approximately one cup of GSE is enough to have a prophylactic impact on this particular cancer and various health diseases.