Simple 5-Minute Yoga Excercise Can Restore Thyroid Levels

Yoga is an ancient eastern exercise, proven to be a great health simulator. Today modern medicine confirms that it cal also be a reset button for a damaged thyroid gland.

It does not takes to be an expert or experienced yoga practitioner to understand that the different yoga moves act as a healthy stratch for different body parts. Thus, all of the moves are not accidentally invented and brings different health benefits. Today it is proven that yoga can help you cope: back pain, neck pain, stiff knees, posture, stress and anxiety, headaches, abdominal problems, heath health and so much more.

All About the Thyroid

Thyroid gland is a very important part of our organism. It produces the thyroxin, a hormone which is responsible for regulating our metabolism. It also affects our vital body organs, hence is important for so many functions of the organism, such as heart and liver function.

Statistcs show that more then 20 million in US have thyroid disease or dis-functionality of the thyroid gland.

Some of the main reasons for thyroid dis-functionality includes :
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