SMOKERS!! ATTENTION: You can remove all the toxins from the body in 3 days: The method that removes toxins from the lungs, prevents cancer and ejects fat!

Being able to rid the body of various toxins, especially those that reside in the lungs is a very good move. It allows you to look and feel much better and smokers in particular, should have a look at these guidelines.

Healthy lungs are a part of any good body and given that they are an essential part of staying healthy, it’s important that they’re cleaned occasionally because of the many pollutants we inhale on a daily basis. The cleansing process takes around three days, but despite the length of time having a pattern in this regard is not as bad as some people may think.

Three-day detoxification:

  • At least 2 days prior to starting the detox process, you should avoid consuming all dairy products, given that some of the toxins are derived from dairy as well.


  • On day one, be sure that you have a cup of herbal tea before going to sleep, in an effort to help to excrete toxins via the bowels. You should also ensure that you don’t partake in a lot of physical activity, seeing that the lungs are included in the detox process.


  • Before having breakfast, you should have a cup (300ml) of water mixed with 2 squeezed lemons. After doing that, then you will have a cup of grapefruit juice. The taste might be unbearable for some and if you are one of those few, then you have a cup of pineapple juice instead. These fruit juices are filled with antioxidants that are helpful in boosting respiratory functions.


  • During the period before breakfast and lunch, have a cup of carrot juice. This juice will help to alkalize your blood for the remainder of the detox.


  • When it gets to your lunch time, ensure that you have a fruit drink that is filled with potassium. The potassium is actually a tonic that aids with the detox and you can find this vitamin in several fruits including guavas, passion fruits, oranges, grapes, cherries, and bananas.


  • Before going to bed this time around, you should have one and a half cups of cranberry juice. This antioxidant rich berry attacks the bacteria in the lungs that can give way to infections.


  • For the 3 days, try to unwind and relax in a warm bath for about 20 minutes, seeing that sweating is one method of removing toxins.


  • Put some boiling water in a container then add anywhere between 5 and 10 drops of eucalyptus oil. Place a towel over your head and inhale the steam until the water gets cool.