Stop Your Hair Loss And Make It Grow Rapidly With Guava Leaves, It’s Extremely Efficient

Guava leaves can guarantee you a huge number of health benefits. These leaves are loaded with lycopene, vitamin A, vitamin C, healthy fiber and potassium.

Here are the incredible health benefits of guava leaves:

1. Tea from guava leaves lowers the bad or LDL cholesterol levels. Meanwhile, the good or HDL cholesterol levels remain intact.

2. Guava leaves can be also used to prepare tea to soothe coughs and bronchitis.

3. Itching due to allergies can be stopped by placing guava leaves on the itchy area.

4. Insect bites can also be treated with crushed guava leaves.

5. Guava leaves can stop hair loss. Boil the leaves and leave them to cool down on room temperature.

Afterwards, massage the scalp with the leaves and hair loss problem will disappear.

6. You can reduce weight by suppressing appetite with guava leaves. The leaves prevent carbohydrates to turn into sugar.

7. Food poisoning and upset stomach can also be treated with guava leaf tea.

8. The antimicrobial effects of guava leaf tea can solve dysentery and diarrhea problems.

9. Enlarged prostate and cancer are also treated with this tea.

10. Fertility issues in men are also treated with guava leaves tea.

11. Guava leaves are excellent against pimples and acne. The vitamin C in the leaves heals these problematic spots on the face.

12. To protect yourself from infections, put some crushed leaves of this plant on small cuts such as abrasions and scrapes. An outer ear infection is often treated with guava leaves tea. Few drops of guava leaf tea are applied on the affected area.

13. To treat dengue, mix 9 guava leaves with 5 cups of water. Boil the ingredients until the amount reduces by half.

14. People suffering from diabetes should drink guava leaves tea. The tea lowers the sugar levels in the blood, without stimulating the secretion of insulin.

15. Sores in the oral cavity, inflamed gums and toothache can be relieved by chewing guava leaves.

16. A face scrub of water and crushed guava leaves can remove blackheads in a natural way.

17. This face scrub can also be used to prevent premature aging of the skin.

Now, when you know the numerous health benefits of this plant, you can use guava leaves whenever you need them.