This Superfood Can Replace Meat Totally…Paradise Gift for Vegan Nutrition

Being a vegetarian or a vegan is not an easy nutrition style it all. Vegan Nutrition does bring many benefits, but much complication on the other hand as well. Luckily, today, experts have revealed a great source of macro nutrition’s that can replace the animal food products in our diet.

What is a Nutritional Yeast and Why It is Used In The Vegan Nutrition ?

People know it as a nutritional yeast or sometimes Nooch. It is easy to find and cheap and a real superfood in terms of its macro- ingredients.

Although, vegans consider it as a neccecery part of their food list, it can be widely used in regular nutrition kitchen. Add it in your soup, stew or homemade pizza or pie. It will boost the flavor and provide quite a nutrition value in the food.

How it is produced?

Food companies produce nutritional yeast besides the brewery yeast, which is later used in the beer breweries. Unlike it, Nutritional Yeast is deactivated yeast. They grow it on a food fields. Then, usually they use molasses then harvest heat, dry and crumbl the yeast. This process deactivates the yeast.

Lately we have witnessed couple of studies proving why we should consume the yeast on daily basis. Some famous nutritionist stood behind this idea already.

But what are the great health benefit form Nutritional Yeast everyone talks about?

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