Ancient Chinese Technique Relieves Headache in Five Minutes

There is no person, who does not suffer from headache once in a while. And you are one of them. Fortunately, we found out a method to get rid of it in a minute without any medicine.
It is an ancient Chinese technique that will eliminate the pain in few minutes and you will feel better. The technique contains simple and gentle massage of few areas on our head. It is very simple, harmless and useful. You can practice it anytime and any place.

These are the points:


This is the point between the eyebrows. It is also called the third eye. Gentle massage for 2 minutes should be sufficient to resale the ache.

Punto zan zhu

The inner edge under the eyebrows. Massaging this points will help you cope ache in the sinuses and eliminate nostril secretion.

Ying Xiang

This point lies below the chick bone next to the nostril. You can practice it also against tooth pain.

Shuai Gu

You can find this point 2 inches from the hair line to the ear side. You can feel small holes in those areas. Massage the points to relieve headache and eye fatigue.

Punto He Gu

It is found in the back of the hand in the middle of the forefinger and thumb. Massage it to relieve tension in the neck, back pain and toothache.
This technique will relieve some types of pain and aches instantly.