Do you have thin brittle nails, insomnia or hair loss? – Use These…

Facial features constitute a big part of our image.

Now, it lacks a doubt that people must be judged based on intrinsic worths such as character, stability, and morality (just among others) however our physical appearance also plays an essential function. Whether it is to procure a potential mate, or to appeal somebody to do us a favor, how we look can considerably affect the way we perceive the world.


Whether it is thin brittle nails, insomnia or hair loss, the following mix may be the wonderful remedy. Please talk to your medical professional before making any sudden modifications to your diet plan. Ensure you understand you’re not adverse any of the components in this mix before taking it, and drink responsibly!


If you wish to eliminate unneeded exhaustion and wish to regain the strength and density of your hair and do not want brittle nails then you can attempt this beverage.

First put some Brazilian walnuts and parsley in the mixer and mix them. After this include ginger, raisins and honey and blend them again. The resulting mixture must be taken by the individual 2-4 times a week.

  • Spinach, banana and lemon

For this mix put 3 bananas, spinach and juice of half of a lime and mix then up until you get a smooth mix. This mix can satisfy your requirements of day-to-day required vitamins and nutrients.

  • Bilberry, banana, lemon and celery

We understand that bilberry is something which is exceptionally scrumptious and also great for our health and eye sight too. And banana holds the everyday needed vitamins. Blend 2 bananas, 3 tablespoons of bilberry, 1/3 lemon juice, 2 to 3 celery sticks and one glass of water. Consumption of this mix need to be according to your body requirement.


  • Celery, spinach, lime and banana

For anybody who wishes to lose weight and burn extra calories t, spinach and celery is one of the best methods. Bend 2-4 sticks of celery and spinach and blend it in the blender and add half of lime and a banana then enjoy your healthy shake.

  • Spinach, banana, apple and lemon

This is not simply a typical shake it is a weight reduction healthy smoothie as it consists of all those active ingredients which are beneficial in weight reduction and burning additional calories from your body making it healthy and fit as well.


  • Cucumber, lettuce, lemon and honey

Cucumber and lettuce are terrific ad for you food digestion process, it improves the working of gastrointestinal system and can make your taste buds delighted. you simply have to blend a bunch of lettuce with one medium size cucumber and after that include juice of half of a lime and honey and one glass of water to it and your highly shake is ready.


  • Carrot, beetroot, celery, cucumber, apple, parsley and ginger

This smoothie will not just make your taste pleased but your eyes will also be happy to see such a bright colored shake. Put one carrot, a beetroot, a celery stick. 2 apples and a bunch of parsley and percentage of ginger and mix everything together in the mixer.


  • Spinach, lettuce, celery, pear, banana and lemon

Spinach and lettuce are the primary reason for weight reduction and burned a calorie that is why it is taking an active participation in maintaining a healthy body. Whereas banana holds the taste and vitamins which are daily need of our body. put some spinach, 3 lettuce leaves, 2 sticks of celery, a pear, a banana and some lemon juice in a mixer and blend them all together to obtain a healthy and super nutritious smoothie.

  • Carrot, apple, ginger, banana, orange and mint

carrots are center of nutrition’s which is helpful for our skin and as well as for our body, whereas apple is good for taste and helpful for losing weight.for the preparation of the mix take 3 carrots, two green apples, a piece of ginger, 2 bananas, one orange, and a handful of mint Get the juice from the carrots, apples, and orange, then blend it with the other components and consume this shake twice a day if needed.


  • Strawberry, cowberry, banana and mint.

Everybody likes to eat strawberry due to the fact that of its amazing taste which thrills our taste; cowberries are good for refreshment when you are feeling tiredness. Put 200 grams of strawberries, 120 g of cowberries, cranberries or cherries, 2 bananas and a glass full of mint leaves and a glass of water for smoother texture and now blend everything together.