Three Easy Tricks to Clear Sinuses in Five Seconds Using Nothing but Your Fingers

Everyone who have suffered from stuffy nose or sinuses inflammation would be happy to know if easy tricks to Clear Sinuses exists.

A stuffy nose can be common issue around the people, especially in the colder days. Allergies, weather changes and common colds can result with having a stuffy nose. It is very uncomfortable feeling which will bring you pain, anxiety and may put you in inconvenient situation to be forced to clean your nose often.

Having a stuffy nose can be highly unpleasant and most often is a result of colds, allergies, and even weather changes.

Acupuncture can be practiced on your face in order to get rid of this issue. Here are the most effective three ticks. Try them to get rid of headaches and stuff nose problems. By pressing few points on your head, you can easily Clean Sinuses in few seconds.

  1. Pressure on the Eyebrows

This is a movement, which stimulate the excess fluid to leak out of the sinuses. The eyebrows pressure

Is intended for the frontal sinuses. We can say it is actually a pressure massage, which you can perform following this steps. Put your fingers on the inside part of the face bone, under your eyebrow. Best way is to use the thumb. Left thumb under the left eyebrow, right one under the right eyebrow.

Perform the massage in a sitting position, with the elbows resting on a table in front of you. Lean your head forward. This way it is easier for the liquid to leak out of the sinuses. Start by massaging starting from the inner end of the eyebrow (the part when the eye end the nose join). From this point massage the bone to the outside end of the eyebrow. Keep doing the massage for 2-4 min, rest shortly and repeat.

  1. Gentle Finger Massage

This is a quite interesting method of massaging presented by physiotherapist Heather Wibbels. It contains couple massaging movement in order to produce suction in the lymphatic system. Watch the video below to understand the procedure correctly:

  1. Tongue Pressure and Pressure between the Eyebrows.

By pressing certain points of the body, you can trigger the fluid flow and clear the sinuses. You should push the tongue flat against the roof of the mouth, and at the same time, push a finger against the skin between the eyebrows.

This presents another method of giving pressure of the certain points in the head, aiming to clean the sinuses. Using your tongue push strongly the above wall of the mouth (the jawbone under your nose).

In the same time, press the area between your eyebrows with your fingertip. Keep pressing for 20 seconds, rest and repeat. After some time you will feel relief as the fluid will start to leak out of the sinuses.

This is one of the most effective method to clean your sinuses. . It actually origins from China and it is called Yintang acupoint.

If you are one of the many people dealing with sinuses problems, do not hesitate to try these tricks.

There are no side effects whatsoever. If you do, let us know your experience and thoughts about it.