True or False – Do Strong People Attract Difficult Relationships?

Throughout my life, I have managed to see people that I would consider to be mentally and spiritually strong get caught up in relationships that turn out to be stressful and abusive at times.

Why does that always happen to them?

Realistically speaking, there could be quite a number of reasons for this because they are already capable of improving themselves. Only things such as relationships are able to get these strong people flustered.

Regardless of the fact that I’ve never been in any form of abusive relationship, I believe that the universe was really testing me when I finally met my partner. I also believed that a romantic relationship was the only way I could discover more.

Entering a relationship that I was serious about really shook my world, regardless of the fact that I did some self-reflection and made improvements to my character. What most of us tend to miss is that we learn the most about ourselves through relationships, even when we are already strong people.

If you find yourself fighting too hard to keep a relationship together, it could be seen as a hint that you are in search of a deeper experience that will help you to grow as a significant other and as an individual.

Acknowledge that Relationships are Just A Piece of a Bigger Puzzle

Under normal circumstances, strong individuals are very good on their own. Then out of the big blue sky, they decide to entertain a serious relationship, only to find out that there is a lot more to themselves than they first thought. Working through your own shortcomings is one thing, but it can turn into a messy situation if they were triggered by someone else.

People going through situations similar to this should always remember the relationship is just a step on the way to growing as an individual. In other words, in order for strong people to really grow, their relationship must pose some degree of challenge.

Sounds like strong people will never win, doesn’t it? Regardless of that debatable opinion, in the initial stages, a strong would generally attract challenging relationships on a whole. By paying more attention to the benefits that can be derived from the growth perspective of a relationship, you will be able to keep an open mind.

Most if not all strong people share the belief that the relationship must serve a greater purpose before they can even consider it. Strangely enough, that purpose may not show itself in this lifetime.

Types of Relationships Strong People Attract

Healing relationships – Strong people are often considered to be the “healers” in the relationship when things get rough. Therefore, they will attract people who need healing and lots of attention. They are mentally prepared with the things needed to cater to these people, hence the reason they were brought together by the universe.

It may seem like the healing is one-sided on first glance, but if you’re doing a lot of healing so to speak, it’s almost a surety that the benefits are being felt by both persons. These emotionally strong people are usually sent to guide others in similar situations and this is why people say strong friends are some of the best friends.

Since we’re on the subject, you should be careful not to get involved in a relationship that’s one-sided. If it feels this way, that means it’s probably time to change things a bit so you can keep growing.

Karmic Relationships – There are several times in which karma from past relationships may come back to haunt your current one. This can also cause a person to feel confused or backed into a corner. It can be rather overwhelming at the start of these relationships. Sometimes you will feel the attraction overpowering you and in another instance, you may feel the need to pull away. Getting over this karma aspect of a relationship can be quite challenging but not impossible. As a matter of fact, the results are quite rewarding.

With all things considered, they are able to work through relationships of this nature based on their mental strength. Bear in mind, this is no reason to put up with bad behavior from your significant other, but pushing through it sometimes can actually do a world of good.

Soulmate Relationships – Many people will share the opinion that it is destiny for strong people to enter into a soulmate relationship. Soulmates are here to challenge us in order to help us grow. The hypothetical job of a soulmate is a bitter-sweet one, but the end goal always keeps them pushing forward.

These kind of relationships help the most when it comes to self-discovery and healing. Their flaws will always be highlighted in such a case because they do so well on their own versus when they are with someone.

What to Do In a Challenging Relationship as a Strong Person?


  1. Acknowledge the fact that relationships are experiences that are here to help you grow and fully evolve as an individual. Yes, they do have their respective challenges, but try to embrace them as a part of your journey.


  1. Allow yourself to be weak. I can see that look on your face after reading that. However, it doesn’t mean that you should completely drop your guard – it speaks to the fact that you’re the one playing the supporting roles and times you need support too. Allow the persons you help to do the same for you sometimes.


  1. Learn to love yourself. Doing this will allow you to make choices that are clear and decisive so you can move forward in a relationship.


  1. Always remember that you can great results from challenging relationships in some instances. When you’re able to work through your problems and clear your mental space, it’s just another step in creating a long-lasting relationship.