(VIDEO) SHOCKING: This Boy’s Life Is Changed In A Way Never Thought Possible, Thanks To THIS Miracle!

Mahendra Ahirwar, 13-year-old was born with congenital myopathy, a rare disorder which made his head hang at 180-degrees. Everyone including his parents lost their hope, but his life was completely saved by a stranger.Ahirwar was left an outcast in his village in India because his condition but has risked a life changing surgery to straighten his neck after a complete stranger’s kindness towards him and his family.!

This story is truly inspiring, because despite this young boy’s disorder, that caused a lifetime of struggles—you can sense the love that his family has for one another, through his and his family’s beautiful smiles. Their life was not an easy one, on many counts, but despite that, their sense of appreciation for life inspires me.

I know that I could never endure anyone else’s trials, for we each have our own life to live; but I will try to remind myself of this young boy and others, who have similar obstacles, yet don’t allow those circumstances to take away from their joy in life. They truly are an inspiration!


Source: http://www.sistersinchrist.club/