(VIDEO) Watch The Amazing Results When A Woman With Cerebral Palsy Smokes Medical Marijuana

“I’m a Coloradan. I did not live in the state when medical marijuana was first legalized (2000 election). Admittedly, I was also 12 years old and unable to vote. But I did vote in favor of keeping medical marijuana legal in El Paso County, Colorado in 2010. I voted in favor of Amendment 64, which sought to regulate marijuana like alcohol, and I’m proud of those votes. I’m proud because I’ve seen first hand how medical marijuana benefits sick people.

Jacqueline Patterson, a mother of 4, has had cerebral palsy, a debilitating neuro-muscular disorder, since she was a young girl. But her life changed the first time she smoked pot.

“I hate my speech so much,” she said at her marijuana possession trial hearing in Missouri, The Pitch reports. “I drrr- … I dr- … I drove my husband to suicide, you know.” The widow believes their arguments and her inability to forgive him for making fun of her stutter is what caused him to hang himself in their basement.

“I — I — I smoked cannabis for the first time when I was 14,” Patterson said to the Pitch. “For the first time, my muscles were not tense. And words slid from my mouth, from gggghhh — from me at a fluid pace instead of sssss-stuck on my tongue like a g-ghh — like a train wreck.”

And stories like this are why I continue to support legal marijuana.”



Source: http://wisemindhealthybody.com/