(VIDEO) When He Said Why He Put An Egg And Banana In The Ground I Thought It Was A Joke. But The Result? WOW

Basically gardening implies 3 steps. The first one is digging a hole, the second fertilizing the soil, and the last one watering the plant. Here we are going to tell you a simple trick about fertilizing the plant that is based on completely natural ingredients, without chemicals harmful for human’s body. By fertilizing the plant you manage to give it the needed nutrients for its grow and  survival.


Many people use fertilizers, but we are going to tell you how to skip the part with spending money on fertilizers and use something else instead. It’s possible for the plant to survive and grow normally without a fertilizer if you do the simple trick we are about to tell you.
If you know something about gardening, than you are most probably aware of the fact that fertilizers are consisted of ingredients like nitrogen, potassium or sulphur.

Well you are lucky enough to know that you can replace these ingredients that the plant needs with the nutrients that egg and banana are consisted of. Yeah, there is no need you to buy fertilizers anymore, because you can accomplish their goal with something as simple as banana and egg. Everything you need to do is to put them in a hole you dig and in the same hole plant the fruit or vegetable. The eggs and banana contain everything that the plant needs to succeed in its growth. They are maybe even better than the store bought fertilizers because they are completely natural.

Source: http://www.easyhometreatments.com/