This Story Proves Wheatgrass Can Cure Cancer – Amazing Remedy Stronger Than Chemo  

If you had the chance to cure someones cancer with a few hits of wheat grass every morning instead of doing chemotherapy would you try it?

It may sound somewhat absurd, but a 74-year-old Irish national decided to give it a try for wheatgrass and guess what…. it worked!

Mr. Danny McDonald was diagnosed with stomach cancer. According to doctors, he had approximately three months to live if he chose not to undergo any treatments. Instead, he decided to try a natural remedy. If you were in his shoes, wouldn’t you like to spend the last days of your life taking your vitamins and eating healthy instead of lying in a bed for several hours a day?

To the surprise of several people, Danny’s new eating habits didn’t only give him a few restful weeks. It also gave him a new outlook on life. It allowed him to exceed his doctor’s prediction. He live four additional years without treatment.

Mr. McDonald explained that he didn’t know about his condition until an ulcer in his stomach gave way. IIt caused him to be rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. His doctor alerted that the cancer had spread all over his body and excessive chemotherapy was needed to save his life. It came as a shock to his doctors when Danny told them he was going to take the healthy way out instead of using their treatments.

Danny came to this decision after doing his own research on wheatgrass and its benefits. Very soon after, he began his new routine which included an ounce of juiced wheatgrass each morning. He gradually worked his way to seven ounces daily and after the first week. The agonizing pain he felt in his side vanished.

He hasn’t looked at his medication  since then. Danny continued on his wheatgrass routine and after a month he wasn’t feeling any pains at all. By this time, this total convinced him that he was on the right track. It was difficult for several medical minds to debate his methods.